Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reviewing Stuff

I think I am going to start reviewing stuff again. Since I am an opinionated person I think this might be a good blog for me again. I have created many blogs since I last posted here. I have a blog called Horse Approved for all my horse loving talk, SuperMom Life for all my mommy topics, iwebis follows the changing web and Time To Budget is about my debt freedom journey.
So don't be surprised if you see me posting reviews again.

Saturday, January 13, 2007 is a great place to find entertainment on the net. It's a great place to find videos, games, and jokes. After visiting the site I thought what a great way to find blog content. You know we all have those bloggers block days. You can view videos, play games, and read jokes that will cause your creative juices to flow again. If nothing else it might cause you to relax and take your mind off of work or life stresses.
Here I have a joke for you that I got off
A Smart Salesman

A neatly dressed salesman stopped a man in the street and asked - "Sir, would you like to buy a bottle of this mouthwash for $200.00? "Aghast, the man said,

"are you NUTS?, that's robbery!"The salesman seemed hurt and then tries again - "Sir, since you are a bit irate, I'll sell it to you for 1/2 price at $100.00? Again, the man replies bluntly - "you must be crazy pal, now go away!" The salesman then reaches into his briefcase and pulls out 2 brownies and begins munching away on one of them. He tells the irate guy - "Sir, please share one of my brownies since I have annoyed you so much". Unwrapping the brownie, the guy takes a bite; suddenly, the guys spits it out and says: "HEY," he snarled, "this brownie tastes like crap!!!"" It is," replied the salesman. "Wanna buy some mouthwash?"

LOL! I think I have heard this joke before but it's still funny. See aren't you relaxed now. Check out the site for more inspiration.

This post was sponsored by, where you can find Crazy Funny Sexy Video Clips. As always I only post about things I find value in so check it out.

Very cool site that offers free widget downloads. There are a number widgets that would be great additions to you blog. I am going to be downloading a few really good ones that I have found.
Just don't get carried away. These widget can be dangerous (turning your blog into a ugly mess) if over used. Read my blog post about blog design for more information.

Gold Coins

If you are thinking about investing in the gold coin visit Monex Deposit Company (MDC). Gold coins have a currency value or they are actually defined in ingots. Don't know what this means? Then you need to visit the Monex Desposit Company website for investing advice on gold and other precious metals. For over 30 years, the Monex companies have been America's gold and precious metals investment leader, according to their web release.
Be sure to get wise financial counseling before venturing into investments. Gold bullion is a very unique investment and may be the right choice for you but you want to be sure before any money is exchanged.
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PayPerPost's Boat Load of Offers

Over the last few months PayPerPost has had the lowest available offers since I have been blogging for them, until the other day that is. I logged onto PayPerPost to find 151offers available.I am not sure I have ever seen this high. The offers were averaging at about 25-30 before this recent surge. I am very curious as to why there where so many offers.
Page rank (PR) seems to be one of the most important requests from advertisers lately. Some advertisers only request that you have some kind of page rank while others request specific PR (3+ seems to be the most popular request. I find this very interesting because my blogs don’t have any PR and I blog on them like crazy. Yet, I started a website last year that I didn’t do hardly any (if any) advertising. I only have somewhere around 30 links to this site because it was mainly for my family and friends. This site has a PR of 3. I don’t get it. I doubt anyone ever visited that site so why do they put so much importance on PR. Most of my blogs on the other hand have regular readers that actually click on my links. I think someone needs to explain that PR is not all that important. Maybe someone needs to explain this to me.
This recent surge of offers has given me hope that I will once again be able to make my previous PayPerPost income, which at my highest was $600 a month. To date I have made over $2000. I started July 31st. I would have made more if I had know that I could do 3 offers a day for each blog and if the offers hdn't dropped so low. For the longest time I thought I was only allowed to do 3 offers a day. Lessons learned I guess.
So far my money has been eaten up by bills and more bills. Well, at least I had the money to pay for those bills. More than likely the money that is yet to be paid will also go to bills. Now that I have three blogs approved I may be able to increase my income. One of these days I hope to have some extra spending money. I am still very thankful to PayPerPost for helping me pay for my bills.

This post was sponsored by PayPerPost.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

SuperMom Life

I am still working on my SuperMom Life blog but I think it's going to be a good one. I still have a few things to add, namely posts but also a few other things. I really like the way it's turning out. I am also working on another site called FUEL. FUEL is a multi-authored blog that my church started. I have completed it yet but I am working on it. This will give the staff at FUEL to keep everyone updated and connected.
I have about 5 blogs I am working on right now. I hope I don't go crazy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

If you are looking for a great place to find magazine subscription I highly recommend finding an site online. You can easily search for your favorite magazines. has over 1300 magazines to choose from. They also claim to have the lowest prices. I havent' done a price comparison but you can be sure it's a lot cheaper then buying them in the stores or at news stands. I think magazine sales and books sales have changed over the last few years. People are now buying books and magazines online more than ever. I suppose this is because it's so easy.
Check out to make your magazine subscription ordering easy as pie. Ok, that way corny. Anyway, check it out.

Horse Tag

I just found out about a new horse community that is like Digg. You can submit posts that people "Tag". The more tags you have the better visibility. I think this is a cool idea and I have submitted a number of posts. I hope to keep this up and I also hope that more people join. It is not that easy to find good horse blogs on the net. I know they are out there I just don't know how to find them. So hopefully Horse Tag will grow.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Send Flowes Next Christmas

I talked about this on my Mona's blog but I thought I would mention it here too. My mother-in-law got a beautiful Christmas bouquet from her neighbors for Christmas. I though this was a wonderful idea and might end up sending flowers next Christmas. If I have the budget for it that is. I love flowers but don't get them very often because I also don't like it when my husband spends money on flowers. I know it's kind of backwards but that just the way I am.
One of these days I hope we are at the financial point that I don't have to worry about spending too much on flowers. I may even expect my husband to bringme flowers every weeks. Well I don't know about every week but maybe a few times a year. I don't know if I will change that much even with a looser budget. It would also be nice to send flowers to my mother one of these days when the money is available.

My Newest Blog- SuperMom Life

I haven't yet started my new blog but basically it will be my personal blog with more tips for making money online and life in general. It's going to be a Wordpress blog so I will be able to categorize things better. I am excited about this new blog. I am always excited about my new blogs and I am not sure why because that means I have to think of more content.
Actually the blog will be replacing the I am actually thinking about redirecting the Moms Opportunity Network homepage to this new blog for a time. I figure that momsopnet net visitors would get more from the blog than the old site. I am starting my link building so here is the SuperMom Life link. I won't actually have the site up for at least a couple of days.

Earn Money Blogging with Blogkits

Blogkits is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to make money with their blog. I joined the Blogkits affiliate program because I thought it would be a great way to utilize affiliate marketing but without having to keep up with the latest sales and promotions. Blogkits offers publishers (bloggers) text links and banners to place on their blog. Each time someone clicks on the link to purchase products or services from the affiliate (such as Starbucks and Zappos) the blogger earns a percentage of the sale.
Why would you want to use Blogkits and share a percentage of the affiliate earnings? The way I see it is that Blogkits is for those who either don't have affiliate marketing knowledge or for people like me that don't want to take time out of my already busy schedule and find the sales and promo links. I also like the fact they they use text like "Support this blog." in the ads.
Using Blogkits doesn't mean that I will stop using my own affiliate links it just is another easy to use tool for generating an income.

Dental Work

It's time for me to find a dentist and I am dreading it. I know I need dental work but I don't particuluarly like dentists. I usually get the lecture about how I should go to the dentist more. I know I should but unfortunetly I don't have dental insurance and I end up having to pay hundreds of dollars a visit. So what to do? We have decided not to go into debt so I am going to have to save up money. I am not sure I should wait but I really don't want to borrow money. There is a possibility that my husband will be changing jobs and get dental insurance so I might not have to wait too long. So I guess I will have to decided what to do. I will have to find a good dentist. I hope I can find a good dentist.

This post was sponsored by Charles Brown DDS PC. Charles Brown DDS is listed as one of the regions top dentists by the Washington Area Consumer Council and is a member of the ADA. Hayfield Dental Care’s doors are always open to new patients and emergencies.

Click Bank

If you are interested in promoting products such as e-books for a profit I suggest you check out Click Bank. Click Bank is the Internets leading retailer in digital products. There are thousands of ebooks to choose from. Books from scrapbooking to affiliate marketing. If you have a website promoting an ebook is a very good idea. It's best to be familiar with the ebook before you promote it but not nessesary.
If you have always wanted to write a book writing an ebook is a great start. You can become a publisher with and decide how much you are willing to pay affiliates for promoting your product.

If you want a good ebook to read try High Performance Affiliate Marketing. This is a great e-book I recommend for people interested in Affiliate marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dialup Internet Sucks!!!!!!

I am having the worst time with my dial-up tonight. I am about to throw the computer out the window. It is taking me 10 minutes to load a page. Is that the most absurd thing you have ever heard. I want High speed Internet so badly :( NO money.

Friday, December 08, 2006

More about Link Popularity

What is the real purpose of paid blogging? For advertisers seeking companies like Blogitive, paid blogging means better link popularity. Link popularity is said to be one of the best ways for Google to give a site a higher indexing. Google uses link popularity to decide whether you are worthy of being placed first in the search for a specific keyword.
Blogs are unique in that each post a blogger makes is indexed as a seperate page in the search engines. When thousands of links are placed all over the net with the specific keyword and link directed to your site it is likely that the advertisers site will gain a good page rank. Advertisers pay third party companies like Blogitive to provide hundreds or even thousand of bloggers to post articles, reviews about the advertisers product/service/website using the specified keyword required.

Web Color Chart

I found another cool tool. Have you ever just want a quick list of html color codes. I have been using this chart a lot since I found it. This is an easy to use quick tool. This of course is another free tool. I make it a point to find free tools because, well, I am broke. The internet has just about everything you can think of for free if you just take the time to look for it.
Here is a screenshot of Web Color Chart.

A Cool New Wordpress Plugin

I just stumbled accross this wordpress plugin and thought it was really cool. It's a plugin to include a forum inside of your blog. I love this idea! I am so excited about it and I am already using it in my Horse Approved blog. I love tools like this.
This plugin is still in alpha stage but it seems to be pretty stable to me. I did have some trouble with my template but I figured it out and fixed it.
The plugin was completely free of course. I downloaded it from RS Discuss.
This is a very cool tool and highly recommend trying it out.