Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nutrisystem Nourish

Nurtisystem now has what they call a "Revolutionary New Weight-Loss Program". It's actually a book written by Dr. James Rouse. This book has been advertised on paid program television commercials as well as other advertising spots. My hope is that this weight-loss program is all that it claims to be. It is my opinion that most weight-loss programs will work if people stick to them. I believe that weight-loss is only necessary if the health is an issue. Too many women try to loose weight when they don't need to loose weight. Proper eating habits and exercise are always the key ingredients in staying fit and health. That being said, the Nutrisystem Nourish system has just as good a chance at providing positive results as any program if it is actually followed. I do like the fact that they tailor diets according to your special health needs. At a great value of only $24.95 you can purchase this book and find out what it's all about. With so many different programs out there it is hard to decide what will work for you. My view on this is that if you still to the Nutrisystem program or any other for long enough with exercise you are liking to get positive results.

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