Friday, August 11, 2006

Review # 2 - The Flylady

Who is the Flylady?
Several months ago I was introduce to the Flylady. She is a "life organizer". She will help you organize your home, and get even the worst cases showing results. I was very into the Flylady for about a month. I was really working at keeping my self organized. She encourages you to take baby steps and not to stress out. My house was getting really clean when I was committed. Then as time went by I got busier in other areas of my life that I dropped my Flylady. I still regret doing this because I was doing so well. If you sign up for it you can get daily emails for encouragment and focus. The emails did get to be much so I cancel my membership :o(. I really liked the things I was able to accomplish with the Flylady. I think I will visit her site again soon to start over.

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