Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pat Parelli

Ok, I know this has review has not much to do with most families or business but I just thought I would share it in case there are any horse owners reading this post. Pat Parelli is a very good horseman. He has developed a very user friendly horse training system that anyone can do if they take the time to do it. His teachings sound and practicle. Some trainers I have seen over the years don't really present there information in a practicle way. There are 7 basic games you learn with your horse. These games are an excellent way to teach your horse without making it seem like tedious work. I have started his program on my horse just a few days ago and have already noticed improvement. After attending one of Pat Parelli's conferences I am very motivated to get my horse to like me. This may seem silly to say but if your horse really likes you they will just about do anything for you.

If you are a horse owner and want to find out more about his program visit

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