Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cell It

I love finding our about new cool ideas. I guess the entropenur in me that gets me all excited about brand new concepts and technology. I just wrote on another blog about video cell phones and here I find out about another great thing you can do with your cell phone. Sell with your cell phone ... Cell)))it is Cell It's slogan. And here is how it works.

So this is how it works for sellers:

1. Video or photo item with cell
2. Email from cell to 4sale@cellit.us
3. Cellit operator calls to get info
4. View listing online in minutes
5. Arrange sale with buyer directly

Sounds easy enough, huh? And if you are a buyer all you have to do is.

1.Create Profile
2.Click to order. First click first serve.
3.Arrange buy with seller directly

Easy as pie :o). I am going to be bookmarking this site.

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