Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Voice Quilt - I love this idea.

Are you into giving unique gifts for special friend or family member. I am one of those people that just loves to find unique gifts. I especially like to do this for weddings or baby showers. I once decorated a baby bathtub into a boat with sails and everything. My friend really liked that gift.
A VoiceQuilt is another very unique gift idea. It's a personalized gift with voice messages. Basically you have a number of people call a special number that records your message. After all the messages are taken VoiceQuilts puts the recorded messages into a jewelry box.
I would love to give one of these boxes to my mom and grandma. I really think something like this would touch them. My mom doesn't live close to her kids or grand kids and being able to hear their voice when ever she wants would be a special thing to her. I know my grandmother would also like a gift like this.
Maybe I have my Christmas gifts already picked out.

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