Friday, October 27, 2006

I have never heard of this before. An Online Safe Deposit Box? I suppose when you really think about it an online safety deposit box would be a handy thing to have. There are a few emergencies where online access would be essential. For instance if you were on vacation and your wallet got stolen you could access all the needed information from your vacation spot online. Or maybe your how was destroyed by an earthquake, fire or tornado. It would be a relief knowing your important documents were safe.
More than likely this will soon be a common way to secure important documents. I mean don't we do practically everything online now anyway (banking, shopping, etc)
If you need to access your information all you have to do is log on an download your account numbers or you can even scan copies of the cards you lost. You can get a free small-sized box for one year and can upgrade to a larger permanent box for $3 or more per month.

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BlinnPR said...

Mona, officially launched today.